Lyrics from the Periodic Table

ISBN 978 00954 1573 8 9
Published 2011
180 x 120 mm: 48 pages: softback with colour cover
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These poems explore the imaginative potential of one of the great scientific icons, the Periodic Table, which places in order the hundred or so chemical elements which constitute and condition life as we know it. The collection includes poems on radioactive elements including uranium and plutonium. A poem on zirconium refers to the Fukushima disaster. The poet George Szirtes noted that the poems in this collection ‘sit at a fascinating angle to the normal concerns of poetry’.

Six poems from the collection:

6. Promiscuous carbon

8. A song for oxygen

20. Stardust calcium

30. The charms of zinc

118. A sonnet for ununoctium

It’s not as solid as it seems