It’s not as solid as it seems

The Table’s set out like a theatre,
its rows and boxes neatly named and numbered
for single, seated occupants though most in fact
are out among the corridors
pursuing intimate relationships.

Not that they have the slightest choice
in their attractions and affinities.
Encircling energies encompass
all their embraces and direct
what can and can’t be done.

What’s more, the four-square structure’s not
as solid as it seems. Partitions flex and yield
to a spate of particles spalled off
by restless isotopes en route
to final transformation.

So the side-by-sideness is a bit deceptive.
Some elements are apt for masonry
but others jib at mortar.
What holds them all together in the end
is the steady march of number.

– David Morphet 2011