Night Train to Utopia, and other tales

ISBN 978 0 9575458 0 9
Published 2013
180 x 120 mm: 60 pp: softback with colour cover
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Night Train to Utopia is a tale in three parts, each of some 200 lines. The lawyers, religious zealots, sporting types, hippies and others who board the Night Train are utterly self-centred and clueless about where the mystery train will actually take them. On arrival at a deserted platform in the middle of nowhere, their only glimpse of Utopia leaves them in deep shock. Thereafter, in a voyage of self-discovery, some of them make their way via a desert trek and a perilous river-crossing into a war zone very far from their original dreams. What have they learned?

The Withering of Vines and The Horse Plague [over 130 and 80 lines respectively] are nightmare visions of global epidemics, where vines and horses suffer total and unexplained extinction. And shamans are warning that the dog comes next

In a very much lighter vein, After the Pied Piper [220 lines; in five parts] carries forward the Hamelin story from where Browning left off. Where did all the children go?

Alan Jenkins found the collection ‘impressive, ambitious and elegantly done

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Passage from Night Train to Utopia

Passage from The Withering of the Vines