Passage from The Withering of the Vines

It won’t stop at the Golden Gate.
There’s no relief for Monterey,
no exception for Sonoma,

no reprieve for Mendocino.
Napa Valley won’t be spared.
Zinfandel and the rest are floored. .

And season proves no barrier.
Vine-nemesis now mobilises
in the southern hemisphere.

Relentless, it moves ever closer
to where the buds have scarcely broken
in terrenos of Mendoza.

In the Maipo Valley all
the winter-quiet vines will fail,
shrivelled in a dormant soil.

In Stellenbosch, Constantia, Paarl
next year’s vines will not unfurl.
There’s nothing left to do but burn.

Flames shoot up at Coonawarra,
Clare, Barossa, Hunter Valley.
Smoke is towering at Hawke’s Bay.

All the vinestocks of Japan
and China are consumed in fire.
The grapes of all the globe are gone.

– David Morphet 2011