Satires and Legacies

ISBN 978-0-9575458-1-6
Published 2014
200 x 130 mm: 74 pp: softback with coloured cover.
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The collection begins with a 14-part narrative, Purdue’s Tale, about the tribulations of an inoffensive bachelor who finds himself entangled in the sinister activities of a private-finance Group named SKEWED.  It continues with a number of satirical poems, portraying characters including a Red Queen, a Master Chef and a forlorn Ringmaster.  The final section consists of verse portraits of figures who have left significant legacies: the statesman-philosopher and father of the Enlightenment Francis Bacon, William Penn who introduced freedom of worship in Pennsylvania, the great explorer Captain Cook, Edward Jenner the discoverer of vaccination against smallpox, and the anti-slave trade campaigner Thomas Clarkson.
Six poems from the collection

There was a state that lost its head

The hidden play


Edward Jenner

A few words of praise

Full and final settlement