Seventy-Seven Poems

ISBN 0 9541573 1 1
Published 2002
200 x 130 mm: 112 pp: softback with full colour cover.
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There is a wide spread of theme and treatment in these seventy-seven poems, which were written over a period of many years.

Some draw on the experience of the poet’s diplomatic career.  For instance, the opening poem Official Hospitality describes an official visit to Moscow, against the background of Vietnam, with Mrs Gromyko toasting the young poet with her glass held high.  It goes on to a lunch with the dictator Ceausescu in Bucharest, and ends with a description of a meeting with Chinese leaders in Peking.  Another poem takes as its theme a visit to the United Nations in New York following the Arab-Israel Six Day War of 1967.

But there are many other subjects, including poems on experiences in India, Egypt and Spain; on the eerie nature of coincidence and the strange discoveries of science; on landscapes in Wales and in the poet’s native Yorkshire; on hospitals; and on childhood memory.

The distinguished British poet Dannie Abse identified ‘a great gift of evoking atmosphere in these poems’.

Six poems from the seventy-seven follow:





Ward Visit

The Child is Well