The Angel and the Fox

ISBN 09541573 2 X
Published 2003
200 x 130 mm: 72 pp: softback with full colour cover.
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This collection of 54 poems is divided into six sections.

The title sequence of eighteen poems examines the force of ambition, contrasting high and apparently unselfish inspiration (the angel) with low cunning and manoeuvre (the fox).

The second section consists of reflections on loss and discovery. The third addresses memory. The fourth looks at sinister aspects of life; the fifth at more optimistic moments. The sixth is an extended elegy for the poet’s brother.

For Fergus Allen, the volume was ‘verbally dexterous and intellectually satisfying’. David Holbrook found it ‘full of an irony about experience that demands close attention’.

Six poems from the collection follow:



An Exchange of Gifts

Back Again

Staying Alive

Poems Like Peas