Turning a blind eye

‘Turning a blind eye is a simple courtesy,’
declares the fox,
‘when stumbling on unfortunate mistakes
in business or in politics.

There isn’t always time to cover tracks.
Unguarded letters, careless signatures
leave trails which never fail to lure
snoopers and impertinents.

In such a case, to volunteer
what otherwise would stay unseen
may cause unnecessary pain,
and seem, at best, ungenerous.

Per contra, wise discretion can cement
bonds of mutual abetting.
Don’t tell me that you’ve never made
a good thing from equivocation.’

I take the high ground and reply,
‘Not so. I’ve done no other than acquit
myself with honour in the public interest.
I’d always bring foul play to light.’

Fox doubts my memory and leers,
‘But what about your careful hand
in all those answers given to Parliament
designed to cast no light at all?’

‘O that was just economy,’ I say.
‘The gentle art of non-transparency.
Time-honoured games of hide-and-seek
which everyone learns how to play.’

– David Morphet 2010