Tumbleweed Hoe-Down

Not at all lonesome, nor particular
where it spews out its reams of seed
along the prairie fences,
tumbleweed is running loose again,
hopping the ditches and the aqueducts.

Once off, there is no way to stop
this missile from a zillion launching pads
catching the fastest wind to Idaho,
or getting under the farmhands’ feet
as it rolls away to California.

Its nature is to be fugitive
and breakaway, an escapee.
Come end of summer, it will snap and go,
leaving a trail of fingerprints
in the warm dust of four-square fields.

Best to drive slowly in the fall.
A six-foot ball of tumbleweed,
lacking all sense of self-control,
may disconcert as it swerves by,
making for Laramie or Mexico.

– David Morphet 2007