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The poetry and other publications of David Morphet

Key themes of the eighteen poetry collections are:

  1. Angel-Fox: over 100 poems, spread across various titles, on the moral and intellectual clash between Angel (impatient aspiration) and Fox (guile infused with scepticism).
  2. Narrative/satirical poems: especially the extensive and surreal Night Train to Utopia; Purdue’s Tale (in Satires and Legacies); Steel-capped PR (in Homecoming by Microlight); and The Maze.
  3. ‘Animal, Vegetable, Mineral’: three full collections about the natural world.  Approaching Animals from A to Z contains 45 poems about individual animals or forms of animal life.  The Silence of Green has 45 poems about individual plants and plant life.  Lyrics from the Periodic Table has 28 poems about individual chemical elements of which the world is made.